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and exit and emergency lighting. 

About Proteks

Proteks Fire Protection's sales representatives are professionally trained and knowledgeable on the latest fire safety regulations. We can truly be an asset to your company and will offer suggestions on how to keep your workplace safe and compliant with your state and local fire codes. When you need repairs or maintenance for your fire extinguishers, restaurant fire suppressant systems, hood fan or exit/emergency lighting systems, you can count on us.

Should you have any questions or concerns about our services, simply give us a call or fill out our online form. We will get back to you as soon as we can with effective and lifesaving solutions.


Our Services

Sales, Service, Installation - Proteks is there for you. 



EPA-Registered Disinfection Services

We utilize an innovative Electrostatic Sanitizing System (ESS) that kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and viruses. The equipment we use is a sprayer with a magnetic charged spray that can cover 360 degrees of our buildings, leaving no areas uncleaned.

Proteks is certified to operate this sanitizing system and help keep you safe from harmful bacteria and dangerous microorganisms. 

Our products are extremely effective at killing germs, whether you are disinfecting/sanitizing a home, commercial space or healthcare facility. We only carry EPA-registered disinfectants that are virtually non-toxic, and suitable for use on food-contact surfaces.

Help stop the spread and contact us today for more information.


Fire Extinguishers

Proteks Fire Protection will keep all your extinguishers in proper working order.  We provide maintenance, routine inspections, and certification on all types of portable fire extinguishers.


No need to worry about staying compliant,  we also provide automatic annual service reminders.


Fire Extinguishers Inspections, Recharging, and other Services based on up-to-date codes and requirements.

Service, Maintenance, and Repair

Proteks is happy to assist in all your fire extinguisher needs, we offer the following services for your business:

  • Annual Service

  • Inspection

  • Recharge

  • Repair

  • Testing

  • Installation

  • Six Year Maintenance

  • Hydrostatic Testing

  • State-of-the-art Mobile Equipment On-site Service

Sales and New Installations

Proteks also keeps in stock all types of fire extinguishers in our warehouse and in our mobile service vans.


All new fire extinguishers come included with a 1-year maintenance tag free of charge.

Our certified technicians will work with you to determine the quantity, size, and type of fire extinguisher you need based on the size and the potential fire hazards of your location.


Restaurant Solutions

Proteks has what you need for your restaurant when you need it.

Kitchen Hood Fire Systems

Proteks is happy to assist in all your kitchen hood fire system needs, we offer the following services for your business:

  • Semi-Annual Service

  • Recharge

  • Repair

  • Testing

  • New Installations 

Proteks Fire Protection also provides services to you which are required by code on a six-month schedule.

  • Six-Month Inspection Check List

  • System Operable

  • All Seals Intact

  • System Discharged

  • Whether or Not System Has Been Tampered With

  • Pressure Gauge in Operable Range

  • Cable Properly Tensioned

  • Cable Travel Tolerance Acceptable

  • Heat Detector(s) Cleaned and Inspected

Restaurant Fans

Proteks can perform restaurant kitchen fan and hood repairs. Our service vehicles are stocked with complete parts and equipment to address any of your repair and maintenance needs. 


Please feel free to call us at any time of day!

Restaurant Fan Part Sales

We currently offer the following products:

  • Access Panels

  • Belts

  • Exhaust Fans

  • Fan Hinge Kits

  • Hood Glass Covers

  • Hood Filters

  • Motors

  • and more!


Exit Signs & Emergency Light Services

Don't leave your business out in the dark.

Proteks installs and services exit and emergency lights. We provide new light bulbs, new batteries, and new exit emergency lights. Your exit signs and emergency lights provide lighting in corridors, stairwells, exit passageways during times of emergency and power outages.

Please call our technicians today for an annual inspection and testing.

Emergency Lighting - Annual Inspection

Proteks offers an annual inspection service to include the following: 

  • Full Function Test

  • Disconnect AC Power Supply to Each Emergency Light

  • Check Battery for Sulfating

  • Adjust Light Heads for Proper Beam Alignment

  • Place Testing Label on Each Emergency Light

  • Check Line Voltage to Remote Fixtures

  • Troubleshooting

NFPA Information

National Fire Protection Association

The life and safety code requires that all exit and emergency lights are to be serviced annually. Every sign must have the word "EXIT" in plainly legible letters not less than six inches high, with the principal stroke of the letter .785 inches wide.

The face of the sign must be continually illuminated while the building is occupied.


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